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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Money grabbing pigs!

Got a speeding Ticket in the post this morning, I know I shouldn't speed but I know they set these thing up to collect cash from the already over taxed motorist. So I'm now expecting to receve the fine and 3 points on my drivers license in the post soon. I hope they spend the money on some new signs and not on more cameras. If they expect us to drive with our eyes on the speedo and not on the roads, they can also expect road deaths to rise and the hospitals to be a lot fuckin busyer!!

EDIT....... I done one of those "Speed Safety Awareness courses"and saved myself the points on my license so I don't feel as bad now, mind you, it was 3 hours of the most boring PowerPoint slide show in the world ever and it still cost me £60!! Fuckers!!

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